Foreign Exchange
Eurasian Foreign Exchange Investment Methods
The investment team's superior trading skills and rapid execution speed help to ensure that it can react to fast-moving prices, especially during periods of volatility.
Spreads Start at 1 Point
Our UK 100 spreads start at 1 point, our German 40 spreads start at 1.1 points and our EUR/USD spreads start at 0.8 points. We invest in Brent Crude Oil spreads starting at 3 pips and Gold/USD spreads starting at 10 cents.
We've built a reputation for forex investing through innovation, superior customer service, and transparent pricing, thanks to our investment team's mastery of advanced operational techniques and state-of-the-art analytical tools.
We can take advantage of market volatility at faster trading times.
View pending orders and snapshots of current positions using innovative trading tools.
Eurasian Foreign Exchange Investment Methods
Advanced technical analysis includes our trading order book overlay, position ratios and a news aggregator with search functionality.
Impartial technical analysis based on statistical data from the last six months, as well as automated alerts.
Access advanced technical analysis, economic overlays and advanced charts through TradingView.
Profit Model Explained
The vast majority of our revenue comes from spreads, with a small portion coming from other fees. We are committed to building long-lasting and stable client relationships and provide a wealth of tools to help you trade.
Investment Program